Lock me Up – Free a Girl

Proud of Enschede and surroundings!

Lock me up and free A girl, A nationwide charity program has taken place in the month of May to raise money, for girls who are forced from a very young age to work in prostitution in India. Participants were locked up for 12 hours in a little booth that was only 1 to 2 meters in size. In Enschede they raised a huge amount of € 51.078,- to help these girls.

VDM Cars is very proud to announce that in corporation with Cars and Stars and Bernhard ten Brinke we helped to achieve the goal of releasing girls and prosecuting perpetrators.

Free A girl is a relief organization that is dedicated to free young girls from prostitution worldwide. Besides that they also arrange aftercare like medical care, education and reintegration to help these girls in the future.

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