VDM main Sponsor of the Ultimate Rally!

In the 1st weekend of October 2016  the Ultimate Rally took place and VDM Cars was main sponsor of this event. The main goal of this event is that car fanatics meet each other and exchange thoughts about their favorite subject: CARS! All together with food, drinks and A stay at A fantastic hotel. We started at “De Swarte Ruijter” in Holten where we gathered to start the event. After A fantastic route we arrived at “Weeze Airport” where there was plenty of food and drinks for everyone. When we finished lunch, we started racing and everyone participated in the circuit, with different elements such as agility and a drag race.

After some heavy races we drove to Dusseldorf where all the spectaculars cars were stalled in front of the Hyatt Regency hotel. At night while enjoying a delicious dinner all the participants shared their thoughts about the day. The next morning the route was persecuted trough Duisburg,  Arnhem and ended at Bosch en Duin. Like the day before we have seen some beautiful places. To end the weekend, we once again enjoyed a diner at Restaurant  “De Hoefslag”.

VDM Cars thought it was a great event with some interesting “Car Freaks”.

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