Exclusive services

You can be assured of optimum service when buying a car from us.
Our Exclusive Services will go further than you expect.
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Worldwide shipment

We can deliver our exclusive cars anywhere in the world, be it a desert in Qatar or an exotic Caribbean island. We do this in the VDM Cars way: properly, quickly and safely. We can deliver by road, by sea in special containers or by air. We can arrange all this transport for you, including all important export documentation, but naturally you can also do this independently.

Tax-free delivery

Do you live or work outside the EU? Or do you have a diplomatic statute? If so, VDM Cars can supply your car tax-free. We can also work with you to provide all the necessary documentation.


VDM Cars works with the independent expertise agencies DEKRA and TÜV, among others. These institutions work solely with authorised specialists to determine a car’s current state and (if necessary) its history by means of an inspection certificate. We can supply you with this certificate if you wish.
For more information, please see: www.dekra.nl and www.tuv.nl


Every car will be inspected by highly experienced mechanics in our spotless, high-tech workshop prior to delivery. We can also fully personalise your vehicle, for example by fitting a state-of-the-art Akrapovic exhaust system, a special chassis tailored to the customer and, of course, customised rims and tyres. Naturally you can also come to us for chip-tuning, car-wrapping, window cladding etc. As you might expect from us, we only work with the best and most renowned brands.

Mobility guarantee / insurance package

VDM Cars offers you the opportunity to take out a mobility guarantee and/or insurance package. We work with MAPFRE Insurance, a market-leading mobility guarantee insurer, to provide this. They offer a selection of insurance products, one of which is guaranteed to perfectly suit your needs and wishes. For more info, please see: www.mapfre-warranty.de

Export license plates

In order for an unregistered vehicle to drive on a public road, we can provide a temporary license plate for your car. This is possible by means of an export license plate. Examples of these are the 5-day plate and the Zoll plate, which can be valid from 15 days to 12 months as desired.

Search requests

You may of course be looking for a special model or a particular trim for a young-timer, investment or sports car that does not appear on our website. In these cases, our specialist team can seek it out for you. VDM Cars has a large international supplier network and can find the car you want in almost every case.


At VDM Cars, both private and business customers can make use of various forms of finance and leasing. Our permanent partner in this is Santander, the largest consumer bank in the finance and leasing field. Every customer can receive an individually-tailored offer for finance and/or leasing. If you would like to find out more, please call the VDM team for more information on the endless possibilities.

T1/Tax-free warehouse

This is truly unique. VDM Cars is one of very few car companies with its own tax-free customs warehouse. What this means in practice is that certain cars can be sold completely free of European import rights and taxes, both within and outside Europe. Please ask the VDM team for the specific conditions.

Pickup and return service

Naturally any car you buy from us will need servicing from time to time. We will be happy to carry out that service for you. VDM Cars offers you the opportunity to have the car picked up and returned wherever it is in Europe. We can also arrange – if you wish – a suitable replacement car in the meantime. Please ask us for the conditions.

Shuttle Service

This is another telling example of going further where others do not. Would you like to visit our showroom but will arrive by train or plane? We will be happy to pick you up from the station or airport personally. Please ask us for the conditions.