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VDM Cars is an international, independent car company with the world’s exclusive and luxury investment & sports cars.

Finding and owning the ultimate sports car is a dream that comes true for many people. A dream that often began with a famous poster above the bed. From poster to reality – the moment you get in, start the engine and drive off. At VDM Cars, we know how special that moment is. That’s why you’ll find we only stock cars that meet all your expectations – and beyond.

We pride ourselves on supplying the most excellent, exclusive cars that fit the ideal picture you have formed. You can rely on our years of experience in the automotive industry, and thanks to our international network, we always maintain an exclusive range of stock. Another thing that sets us apart: all our professionals share the same love of cars as you. This is the only way we can offer the service we prize so highly. We’re happy to go the extra mile, in whatever sense you need us to. If desired, we can fine-tune the car to your precise wishes. At VDM Cars we call that: exclusivity with a smile.

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When you knock on our door, we know you’re coming to turn your fantasy into reality. Our shared love of automobiles means we know what you’re looking for, and we can provide it. We don’t sell the word ‘no’ – the perfect car is always out there and we’re the people to find your ideal match.

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We can deliver our exclusive cars anywhere in the world, be it a desert in Qatar or an exotic Caribbean island... Read more

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Do you live or work outside the EU? Or do you have a diplomatic statute? If so, VDM Cars can supply... Read more


VDM Cars works with the independent expertise agencies DEKRA and TÜV, among others. These institutions... Read more


Every car will be inspected by highly experienced mechanics in our spotless, high-tech workshop... Read more

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