Membersday Cars&Business at VDM Cars

At the 7th of Oktober 2017 Cars and Business (businessclub for people with a supercar) organized a ralley for all its members with a pitstop at VDM Cars GmbH. Moreover than 150 members with their exclusive sportscar got welcomed by the VDM Cars team in Gronau.

Members were brought, after some welcome drinks, to a typical transformed German beercafe (bierstube) inside the building, where they could enjoy typical German sausages, curry sausages, French fries and of course German beer. With long tables, German music and beer it seemed to be a dignified ‘Oktoberfest’ .

It was a pleasant meeting, where people only talked about special luxury and sportcars. At the end of the afternoon all members left in their sportscar to Amsterdam, where they ended the rally.